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Angels' Closet Charities is a 501(c)(3) organization.
Official Sponsors:

• Aamco Transmissions, Redlands, CA
• Haven Management LLC, Rancho Cucamonga

Community Support:

• The Agency Board Shop
• Alpha Delta Kappa AAK Altruistic
• Alpha Delta Kappa Beta Iota
• The Blessing Center
• Busy Bee Store Fixtures
• Childrens Fund
• Childrens Network
• Delta Kappa Gamma
• House of God
• Kimberly A. Rohn,
Business Attorney
• La Z Boy Foundation
• Liza of State Street Salon
• National Charity League of San Bernardino
• Nectar
• Optimists of Redlands
• Redlands Community Foundation
• Rotary Club of Redlands
• Santa Claus Incorporated
• Soroptimists Internal of Redlands
• Target
• Treasures
• Private Donors
About Angels' Vloset Charities
Angels’ Closet was founded in October 2008 by Pat Williams and is now located on the campus of Redlands East Valley High School in Redlands, California. The charity collects and distributes new and gently used school clothes, formal attire, business attire, graduation caps and gowns, and other necessities to less fortunate high school and middle school students in the surrounding areas. Angels’ Closet depends solely upon the generosity of the community and works closely with high school counselors who are contacted daily regarding students in need.

High school and middle school can be a challenging time for any young person, but for those students whose families are experiencing severe financial difficulties, just getting the basic necessities — items like clothing, underwear, socks and shoes — so that the student may attend school and school functions can be very difficult. Older students’ needs frequently go unnoticed in the community as these students try to blend in with their peers and are very private regarding their needs. Thus, they’re often the forgotten ones when it comes to receiving much-needed assistance.

Angels’ Closet was formed to fill this gap and provide a helping hand for these students. We believe that by providing financially challenged students with a sense of normalcy and enabling them to participate in middle school and high school activities such as school dances, homecoming, prom, senior graduation and other school events, it will promote a more positive learning and social environment for all students.
Angels' Closet Mission
It is our mission to provide clothing and other necessities to less fortunate middle school and high school students — this is achieved with the support of the community. It is also our mission to provide financial assistance to help students participate in school social activities such as homecoming, prom, graduation events, senior yearbook, announcements and senior pictures. We believe that by providing this much-needed assistance, we will be promoting a more positive high school experience for all students.
Angels' Closet Charities
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